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The Slimline resembles a semi-recessed cabinet but is installed without the need to cut and frame a wall opening.


The Slimline cabinet is an excellent choice for parking garages, theatres or exterior walkways where a ten-pound fire extinguisher is required. Working in tandem with the Oval brand fire extinguisher, our design meets all ADA requirements.

The Slimline Cabinet can be customized to your needs that include multiple colors and finishes, door lock and lettering.

The Slimline Fire Extinguisher Cabinet, the future of fire safety products today.

Play video to learn more and see just how easy it is to install and meet ADA in under 5 minutes!

With the Slimline design, we are the first to create an ADA Compliant surface mounted fire extinguisher cabinet that protrudes less than four inches from any finished wall. The future is here. It's incredible!





There has never been a surface mounted fire extinguisher cabinet that meets ADA requirements until now. With our new design, we are the first to create a surface-mounted cabinet that protrudes less than four inches from the finished wall.


Slimline Fire Extinguisher Cabinets bring Innovation and Answers to a longstanding industry need: making compliance, aesthetics, and ease of installation converge. The result of over 40 years of experience in the fire safety industry and design.  


Play the video to learn more about who we are and what we are all about.



At Slimline fire and safety products, we believe in innovation and creating products that will change the future of the fire safety industry for the better. 


We believe in looking forward and providing our customers with the latest in fire safety technology and science. 

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